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People who are at risk of developing hypoglycemic syndrome must carefully monitor their condition and regularly measure blood sugar. situations that may lead to its reduction should be given close attention.

If the sugar level falls below normal, you need to drink fruit juice, eat a sugar cube, candy or other carbohydrate-rich food. People from the close circle of micardis pills are also required to know the symptoms of hypoglycemia and be able to provide first aid when they feel worse. It is important to carry a health information card or leaflet with you at all times in case you have an attack.hypoglycemia will happen far from home.

It is very important to notice the first symptoms of hypoglycemia in time and take measures to eliminate them. In diabetic patients, hypoglycemia may occur due to buy micardis online consumption or missed meals, so it is necessary to constantly follow a balanced diet, take antidiabetic drugs on time, and avoid heavy physical exertion and stressful conditions. With hypoglycemia, it is better for the patient to refrain from eating simple carbohydrates, but to eat protein foods or complex carbohydrates. During an attack of hypoglycemia, it is also worth carrying glucose tablets or glucose gel with you.

Here is a list of products that can be taken in case of deterioration. A quarter of an hour after taking a sugar-containing product, you need to order telmisartan online your blood sugar level. If it does not rise above 3.8 mmol / l, it is worth eating something else from the above products. If hypoglycemic reactions occur more than a couple of times a week, you should definitely contact your doctor. People who are prone to hypoglycemia often lose consciousness. In this case, an injection of glucagon, which raises blood sugar levels, is best of all. Dosages and features of the use of this drug should be discussed in advance with your doctor.

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Hypoglycemia due to hyperinsulinism develops with insulinomas and very rarely with other tumors, fibrosarcomas, apparently producing insulin-like substances. Spontaneous hypoglycemia can develop for a number of reasons. functional or neurovegetative, endocrine, alimentary, hepatic, posthyperglycemic, with dumping syndrome, etc. Functional or neurovegetative hypoglycemia is more often observed in asthenic individuals, as well as in traumatic or inflammatory damage to the brain, in particular the stem part. Functional hypoglycemia often manifests itself during starvation and neuro-emotional and mental stress. Blood sugar in such people on an empty stomach is usually within the normal range. Hypoglycemia occurs from time to time, sometimes from elusive causes. The frequency of attacks depends on the depth of the pathological process and the functional state of the nervous system.

Emotion usually drives out hyperglycemia, followed by increased insulin secretion, which in some individuals can lead to hypoglycemia. Post-hyperglycemic hypoglycemia is one of the varieties of functional hypoglycemia, here, after eating a meal rich in carbohydrates, hyperglycemia occurs, which lasts longer and higher than usual, and then, after a few hours (usually 1-2 hours), hypoglycemia occurs. This is due to the reaction of the insular apparatus to food intake and hyperglycemia. Reactive hypoglycemia is more often observed in asthenic people with a labile nervous system. This form of hypoglycemia is established by determining the glycemic profile or sugar load. Endocrine nature Hypoglycemia occurs with hyiopituitarism, hypocorticism. In these cases, hypoglycemia is permanent with relatively rare fluctuations in blood sugar.

Hypoglycemia in dumping syndrome occurs 2-3 hours after a meal. The mechanism of hypoglycemia is explained by the fact that food remains in the stomach for a short time and, being quickly absorbed in the intestine, leads to hyperglycemia, to which the insular apparatus does not have time to respond with insulin secretion, and late release of insulin leads to hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia in Dumping syndrome, as a functional form, is predominantly observed in nervously unbalanced people.

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Nutritional Hypoglycemia can develop as a result of insufficient food intake, in particular carbohydrates, chronic starvation, alimentary dystrophy, chronic diarrhea, exhaustion. Hepatic hypoglycemia is observed only with severe atrophy of the liver parenchyma, when the latter is not able to deposit glucose in the form of glycogen in sufficient quantities. Hepatic hypoglycemia is usually mild and manifests itself during an increased demand for glucose, while the liver is not able to provide it with glucose due to a lack of micardis online in it.

Among the pathological conditions that occur with hypoglycemia, a special place is occupied by congenital glycogenosis, disorders of the metabolism of glycogen and other carbohydrates due to enzyme defects, galactosemia, Gierke's disease, Pompe, Forbes, Andersen, etc. The mechanism of hypoglycemia in glycogenosis isthe fact that due to enzyme deficiency in children there is no breakdown and transition of glycogen to glucose. Glycogen accumulates in the liver and leads to hepatomegaly.

Hypoglycemia Idiopathic Familial (McCurry, 1954, Britain) is a common hereditary disease. Boys of younger age are more often ill. The essence of the pathology is to slow down the breakdown of insulin, due to the enzymatic block of the insulin-inactivating system (insulinase). Hypoglycemia in chronic alcoholics is often due to hypocorticism. In addition, alcohol has the ability to take telmisartan pills blood sugar levels. It often occurs during pregnancy and in nursing mothers. In diabetes mellitus, it often occurs in its labile form from an overdose of insulin, an untimely meal after its injection, and, finally, from the binding of insulin to blood proteins and its sudden release.

The clinic of hypoglycemia is quite characteristic and identical in its various forms. The development and intensity of symptoms mainly depend on the degree and speed of development of hypoglycemia. In mild degrees, the main symptoms are blanching, trembling, hunger, weakness, sweating.

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In the future, with the development of hypoglycemia, cerebral symptoms occur. numbness of the face, limbs, loss of balance, diplopia, vomiting. With a more pronounced degree, convulsions, a manic state, hallucinatory-paranoid episodes, facial muscle twitching, grimaces, epileptiform seizures and, finally, a coma. However, spontaneous hypoglycemia does not lead to convulsions and coma.

Attacks of hypoglycemia do not pass without consequences, especially for the central nervous system. The fact is that the central nervous system is very sensitive to glucose deficiency. Its prolonged decrease leads to serious metabolic changes in the brain, followed by memory loss and a decrease in intelligence, which, in severe cases, are difficult to recover. Repeated crises lead to personality degradation. In addition, frequent attacks of hypoglycemia predispose to the emergence of new ones.

With hypoglycemia, compensatory mechanisms increase blood sugar levels to normal in a short time. The diencephalic region, one of the blood sugar regulators, produces GH-RF, which enhances the secretion of somatotropic hormone (GH). The latter mobilizes fatty acids from fat depots, which are converted into glucose in the liver. In addition, the releasing factor (RF) excites the reticular formation of the brain.

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